Telephony and Connectivity

Traditionally any business that wanted to take advantage of telephony features such as call transfer, voicemail and multiple telephone lines would need to invest in expensive PBX (Private Branch Exchange) equipment that would need to be located on their premises and involve regular and costly maintenance, upgrades and training.

The whole nature of a IP phone system is its flexibility, providing you instant access to your phone system anywhere in the world with a broadband connection, be it by cable, WiFi or 3G. Ultimately, you could have a unified, single platform phone system across as many offices as required, bringing all of the administration, support and costs under one roof, all via a highly secure and reliable service.

There are several advantages to using a  voice over IP system. The biggest single advantage VoIP has over standard telephone systems is cost.

In addition, international calls using VoIP are usually very inexpensive and national 01 and 02 prefix calls are free of charge meaning you can put an end to those expensive

"Our incident and problem management systems, best practice processes and technical skill sets offer cost-effective Phone Support & Maintenance".

Elmdale IT can administer the whole telephony survey, supply, installation and continued support following the strong customer care ethos that Elmdale stands for with all it's clients.

- Stuart Fielding - Sales Director.

Whatever your needs, whether you want 4 extensions or 400, we can install and maintain a telephone system with features such as voicemail, auto attendant, call recording, conferencing calling and VoIP.

As a 3CX reseller, we offer all the latest technology from one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies.